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The difference between halogen, LED and xenon lights

The difference between halogen, LED and xenon lights

Generally speaking, high-priced cars use LED headlights or xenon headlights, and ordinary cars usually use halogen bulbs as headlights. So what is the difference between halogen headlights, LED headlights and xenon headlights? Is it necessary to replace the halogen headlights with LED headlights?

The difference between halogen, LED and xenon lights:

1. halogen lamps are filled with inert gas on the basis of incandescent lamps, thus extending the life of the filament. Halogen lamps emit light involving three physical processes: electrical energy, heat and light energy, consuming a lot of energy. The light emitted from a halogen lamp is yellow in color.

Halogen lamps have the advantages of high penetration, low price and easy replacement. But the disadvantage is low brightness and short life.

2. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, orange, purple, white, etc. LED, also known as light-emitting diodes, can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, so the energy conversion efficiency is up to 90%. White light is usually used in automobiles.

LED has the advantages of very high brightness, variable design shapes, energy saving and environmental protection, long life, small size, etc.. But the disadvantage is that the penetration is not as good as halogen lamps, the technology is complicated and expensive. But as we advance in technology, Maxgtrs can provide affordable and durable LED bulbs.

3. Xenon lamps can also be called HID gas discharge lamps. Its structure is in a long quartz tube filled with high-pressure xenon gas that can emit light. When energized, the xenon gas is activated to form a super-strong arc light. Xenon lamps are very bright, giving a sense of looking directly at the sun. The light emitted by the xenon lamp is also white, but will be yellow.

Xenon lamps have the advantages of low power, high brightness, high penetration, and a longer service life than halogen lamps. However, the disadvantages are that the maximum brightness can not be reached immediately upon startup, complex structure, high failure rate, high maintenance costs, and easy scattering.

Comprehensive advantages and disadvantages of the three light sources, it can be seen that led lights have advantages in terms of brightness, structure, form design, energy consumption, life, etc.

We recommend you to buy LED bulbs from Maxgtrs. We have developed a variety of models not only for car headlights, but also for turn signals, reversing lights, interior lights, etc. Maxgtrs always keeps the concept of customer first to serve you.

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